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2 years ago

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hello true story of how my life bbw.... Life changes in a sexless marriage began in the rooms, a woman named Liz spoke she said we could talk, but not sex or cyber xlxx chat, I was looking for, but it was too late, like the chat speak, after the talk was about my marriage and spoke of other things, after months of chatting with her every night I asked if we could meet for a drink, he said, was great, but I could not believe how sexy it was when I first once I saw when I would go with her, I asked said yes urprised was a little when she saw her husband Dave, who was polite, it turned out that Liz was chatting on the net, when I sat Liz has said he wants us to come in threes, as they already gave the appearance that I laughed, said it was the plan all along and took a lot of sex and evil dave could to address its that I do not remember xlxx how, but end up in bed xlxx with me and Dave alternately the most fucked up shit I most wanted to dave put a belt on himself to finsh out of it as I fucked her mouth,,,,, ready months later, after the break with the best sex of my life, pump, said they were boring to me now wanted a new person suddenly found myself asking Liz to take me to look at them, they said I could if I was there was no sub shaw what he meant, but I said yes next time xlxx I'm with them the weekend are still, as I walked in she was told to strip and kneel she told me to go to the bathroom when I was xlxx going to whip my face with a culture said to me, it hurts like hell crawl, so did as from now, had his wife Liz in the shower in the bathroom and made me shave my body hair, most wanted to cancel, said he was told to bend over, like a xlxx tube placed in me at first not Pierce, but they told me that next time when I said no, it was all over, she helped me to insert the tube into my virgin hole and turned the water into the feeling was different after cleaning mmmm xlxx was naked liz said, are orn the floor mounted my face and told me to lick not close my mouth I licked her clit pushed my tongue deep into her tasting her juices when he began cumm pushed harder on me that I can not breathe, then came the first time was had splashed on them as I got up a little pinched my nipples until screammed mad at myself that she is now.... want to want more

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